Wood is a living material, that reacts and changes over time.

Just like the human being, it reacts to its living conditions. Every single board has its own uniqueness, no two boards are quite the same.


Care and maintenance of wood floors has always been considered complicated. In order to preserve your wooden floor what you need is actually some prudence: when cleaning, wash it with a wet mop, avoiding any aggressive products (i.e. bleach and ammonia).

Today, the mass market offers a wide variety of wood floor cleaners, more than suitable for regular cleaning.

Do not use too much water and product; just squeeze the mop before you clean your wood floor up. Despite the application of high performance top coats, wear and tear caused by heavy traffic could affect their aesthetic appearance, mainly in high-traffic areas or decorated with rolling furniture (i.e. armchair with wheels, etc.).


Oak boards are characterized mainly by straight grain; some boards, however, can have shining rays, called “medullary rays”. These rays, commonly confused with discolourations by a naive eye, are on the contrary a quality label to an expert eye, highlighting the best boards, for both aesthetics and mechanics.


Even if parquet has been installed under perfect climatic conditions, some cracks could appear on the surface of the boards. The checks of the top layer almost always occur, because wood is a living material.


TEKNOREKORD wood floors are made by very high quality materials: the wood species we work with are characterized by great durability, to resist wear and tear. In spite of its hardness, however, the fall of heavy or sharpen objects or an overload, even accidental (ladder feet, stiletto heels, etc.) may inevitably affect the surface of the wood floor.


Wood flooring must be installed in a stable maintained environment: it requires the same ideal conditions as human being does. The most favourable temperature for a wood flooring is 20°C with a humidity range from 55% up to 65%. A man or a woman could hardly ever live in a garage, similarly parquet would not be durable in that same space.

 Too much humidity in the atmosphere (as well as too much dryness) can seriously affect wood flooring.

When the humidity is too high, the wood gains moisture and changes in size, beginning to swell up. Conversely, an excessive dryness might cause cracks.

TEKNOREKORD engineered pre-finished wood flooring is also suitable to use with an underfloor heating (radiant panel system): however, in order to preserve the durability of the wood floor, it’s highly recommended that the temperature of the heating system be set within 27°C.

A higher temperature, increased by some thermally insolating materials covering the wood floor, (e.g. carpets) could affect its structure.

That being said, even under the most effective conditions, wood flooring could shrink because of the high temperature of the system and boards might crack or cup.


The color of the wood changes over time as a result of light and air exposure, which react with tannins, some substances whose wood is rich of. This reaction, named oxidation, darken the wood.

Teak, on the contrary, tends to assume a mellow and lighter tone through oxidation. All wood species undergo this process, which can be more or less strong. Oxidation embellishes and adds value to parquets; it preserves its beauty and originality, even many years after the installation.


Serration and brushing reproduce accurately an artisanal manifacture.

 As a result, a serrated or brushed floor can have some anomalies that are marks of its beauty and uniqueness. Although the finish protects the boards and creates a protective film, you might dislike the rough consistency of the wood when walking barefoot or using fibrous cloths that leave some fibers on the floor.

The Sharp Edge

Parquet is really our thing!

That’s why our products are sharp-edged.

This gives to the floor an incredible glide sensation to the touch.

The product is made with micro-bevel in case of particular surface treatments or for specific laying geometries.

However you can always ask for the micro-bevel if you like it.


When samples are requested, just a few boards can be provided, due to logistics reasons. Even though a sample can give you a general idea of a wood product, it could hardly ever show all its chromatic undertones and technical features. For this reason, as well as for the oxidation process mentioned above, samples can never give the whole representation of a kind of wood. In any case, everyone who decides to buy wood flooring for their home needs to be prepared to accept this variety, appreciating its beauty and uniqueness day after day.

12,5 mm


All TeknoRekord wood floors Collections are 12.5mm thick, offering therefore advantageous versatility when using different sizes, with both redecorations and new installations. Besides, thanks to the single thickness, TeknoRekord engineered pre-finished wood flooring provides the opportunity to choose for a random widths installation, determining a deep visual result of estraordinary beauty.

All TEKNOREKORD wood floors collections have a weight of about 9 kg / sqm. NB: All Teknorekord wood floors collection is processed starting from a 4mm top layer; some surface treatments can lessen the final thickness in some areas.

The TeknoEvo line has a thickness of approximately 11.3 mm and a weight of approximately 8kg / sqm.



The boards must stay in their boxes, unopened, in a dry environment and away from sunlight or any heat sources. Before installing, check always the humidity of the atmosphere and the moisture of the subfloor. While installing, the boards have to be checked one by one and those defected, if necessary, discarded.

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