How to

care for a wooden floor

The best climate for your wooden floor

It is recommended to pose a wooden floor in opportune climatic conditions. A parquet floor “lives” better in the same climate as the humans! An optimal temperature is 20° Celsius with an humidity percentage between 55 and 65.

Teknorekord can be installed in houses provided with floor heating system. However is discouraged to exceed the 27°C as above this temperature, the wooden floor can be damaged by the heat.

Effetti del clima sul parquet

Wooden floor’s oxidation

The color of the wood’s texture mutates because of light and air exposition. This natural reaction is called: “Oxidation” that turns darker the natural color of the wooden planks.

This phenomenon applies for every wooden species: the oxidation turns the wood darker and this change can happen in various intensity. Teak, available in the Teknorekord catalogue is the only species of wood that turns lighter. The oxidation makes every wooden floor unique and original and it’s guarantee of the great value of our product!

Ossidazione del colore del parquet

Wooden floor’s maintenance and cleaning

Many think that wooden floors are delicate and require a constant and hard maintenance, wrong! Teknorekord is built to endure stress and exploitation. Follow these simple steps to significantly enhance your hard floor’s lifespan.

How to clean your wooden floor

Every two months make sure to use carefully our detergent on a sector of 1,5㎡ at time. Rub a wet mop on the surface and rinse. Once you have removed all the dirt and the dust, repeat these steps on every sector of the parquet floor. If you have to deal with a persistent stain, just rub it with a microfiber cloth until you have cleaned it.

Some upkeep tips:
1Avoid pushing heavy furnitures, trolleys and walking with stiletto heels.
2A vacuum cleaner is a precious ally of every wooden floor! Cylinder units are the best choice, but if you have an upright model make sure to switch off the nylon brushes because they can scratch the floor.
3Make sure to clean any spillage straight away! Dirt and humidity can affect the color of the tainted plank. Don’t let the stain to stagnate, grab a dry cloth and make a quick fix.

Manutenzione e pulizia del parquet