is 100% italian quality

Teknorekord is a two-layer prefinished wooden floor ready to be installed just right after the unboxing! Our wooden floors are a guarantee of class, distinction and style. they also mirror the precision and the technology which are made of.
Every Teknorekord plank is made of two distinct layers: the lower or “base” that works as a stable support which prevents the wood deformation; the upper part consists in a layer of “noble wood” which is ready to be stepped on right after the installation!

Teknorekord size

Crafting Teknorekord

1 Raw material

The Teknorekord multi-layer is made of birch wood which comes exclusively from north european countries in conformity of the EU security Act.

2 Aging

In order to obtain an optimal grande of aging, our wood goes through a drying process that eliminates the whole residual humidity from the panels.

3 Multi-layer

Our Teknorekord panels have a variable thickness to fulfill every customers request (thickness goes from 6 mm to 12 mm) and they are made from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 9 layers.

4 Coating

Teknorekord panels are processed with 8 layers of non-toxic paint which makes the wood highly resilient to the stomping stress.

5 Assembling

The pre-finished planks have a 4-side joint system which guarantee a beautiful estetic result.

6 Quality check

Every single Teknorekord plank goes through our rigid quality check phase.

Teknorekord’s strenghts

Messa in posa in tempi da record

Record quick application

To lay a whole Teknorekord wooden floor you’re gonna need just 2 days instead of the usual 15 days of a standard product!

Manodopera a costi più bassi

Cheaper cost of labour

The easy application of the Teknorekord wooden floor means less working hours and a substantial saving of money.

Ambienti liberi in poco tempo

Furniture ready in no time

Teknorekord doesn’t need to be polished or painted during the installation. Your location stays clean and ready to be furnished.

Durezza e resistenza

Sturdy and resilient

Teknorekord is made with top selected european wood which makes it sturdy and resilient against the stomping stress.

Spessore versatile

Versatile thickness

The whole Teknorekord product line is realized with a standard 12 mm thickness which gives a wide spectrum of usages. Teknorekord can be used indiscriminately for renovations and brand new locations.


Natural marks

We select the best durmast planks with its signature shiny marks synonymous with reliability towards an eco-friendly product.