Wooden floors

How to pick a quality one

Wood is a fascinating material because it continues to live and mould itself even after has being processed. The parquet floor industry is constantly developing new types of technologies in order to satisfy every kind of habitative locations. For this reason, our company is able to create the perfect wooden floor to accommodate every kind of housing or working ambient, employing only the most valuable and resilient wooden species. Teknorekord, our top selling product, is an absolute excellence among the prefinished wooden floors. Tekno srl implements the best technology in order to create a performing product able to infuse your ambients of comfort and tradition.

How to
a wooden floor

To an amateur eye, all wooden floors are the same, but in order to choose the right prefinished hard floor, with an optimal ratio of durability and reliability, one has to follow a few fundamental rules and verify some of its characteristics:

1 How many layers of paint have been applied? This is a good hint to guess the floor’s resistance to decay.

2 Which type of paint has been used? You want to be sure to install in your home a wooden floor free from any kind of contamination.

3 How thick is the noble wood layer?

4 The multilayer has to be made from high-performance wood. Teknorekord is made with a multilayer of european birch which guarantees elasticity and resistance to pressure and humidity.

5 Flexibility is another one of a hard floor’s important aspects. Make sure to check the presence of grooves on the bottom of the planks. These grooves also help the flooring stick to their foundation.

6 Is the product certified from your local authority? Make sure to buy a non-toxic and eco-friendly wooden floor!

Differences between a two-layer prefinished wooden floor
and a traditional hardwood floor

There are two distinct types of wooden floors: the traditional (where the massive wood material has been taken from a single sample) and the prefinished (which is made from different layers). Assembling a prefinished parquet needs two distinct parts or “layers”: the top layer, with a minimum thickness of 2,5 mm made from a refined essence of conifer and, the bottom layer, made of birch or spruce which works as a base. The prefinished is entirely assembled, polished and painted during the crafting process.

For these reasons the prefinished is ideal for refurbishments, where can be glued straight on the existent floor instead of the standard one which needs the total removal of the previous floor.

The standard parquet floors need a long posing time (almost 15-20 days!); the pre finished one needs no more than 2 days because it comes already painted and polished from the factory.

Parquet tradizionale
Parquet prefinito a due strati Teknorekord
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