two-layer prefinished wooden floor

100% Made in Italy since 1992

Our history

Tekno srl has a long time experience in the wooden floor business. In the beginning of our journey in 1987, we were just simple wooden floor retailers.
In 1990 we decide to launch a business growing strategy which escalated with the construction of our factory in 1992. Since then we specialized in the making of two-layer wooden floors and finally a year later, we manage to create our top selling product: Teknorekord, the brand that still today identify our business in home and foreign markets.

The evolution

The huge success of our products and the following growth of requests for pre-finished wooden floors, convinced us to make a big technological upgrade in 1996. Since then our factory in Capua (Caserta) has got the most advanced machineries for the production and manufacturing of parquet floors.
Thanks to our product excellence and the proximity to Naples (province capital city), Tekno srl has the absolute leadership in the southern peninsula. Teknorekord, our top selling product, is the perfect fusion of quality, technology and italian craft tradition.

A good looking parquet floor is able to give style and fashion to any location. Wood is a “living matter” which can make a house warm and cozy and a working space refined and professional.

The true Made in Italy

We believe in a productive process which is entirely made in our factory from the first to the last step, with the precision and attention that only 30 years of experience can give. Our production is regulated by a strict internal policy where every department makes its own quality control on every single bit of the production chain. Work is also coordinated by a software which optimize every phase of the production.

Our certifications

Certificazione ISO9001

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Quality Control Management Audit

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Made in Italy certificato

100% Made in Italy

Teknorekord is entirely made in Italy, earning the “100% Made in Italy” seal as a confirmation of its quality

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Marcature CE

EU Marks

Teknorekord meets the EU requirements from law UNI EN 14342:2013 concerning wooden floors

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FSC certified product


Certification from “custody chain” which guarantees the wood origin only from forests with an high environmental, social and economic standards. Inquire about the certified products.

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PEFC certified product


Promoting Sustainable Forest Management.
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The secret of our products’ high standards lies in the balance between the industrial production technologies and the crafting skills of our employees.

Reazione al fuoco certificata

Fire reaction

The whole line of Teknorekord products are certified in Class: BFL-S1, CFL-S1 or DFL-S1 as though EU Act: UNI EN 14342:2005 and A1:2008.

Idoneità alla posa certificata

Posing eligibility

Teknorekord products are able to be set down on a conditioned floor, as long as the heating/cooling systems respect the standing requirements.

Certificazione CARB - ATCM 93120

CARB – ATCM 93120

Certification from California Air Resource Board and Airborne Toxic Control Measure

Quantità di formaldeide certificata


Tekno meets the limits set by the E1 Class which are the most restrictive between the classes of the EU Formaldehyde regulations: UNI EN 13986 e dal D.M. 10/2008

Certificato zero solventi

Solvent free

No emission of solvents respecting the EU Act: UNI EN 14342:2005 + A1:2008

Certificato zero radiazioni

Radiation free

Tekno adopts a strict sanitary protocol which guarantees a radiation free final product