Rekord wood flooring will make your home elegant and comfortable and give you pleasure for years to come. You will find here below some useful instructions:
The colour of wood changes when it is exposed to light and air and nothing can avoid this change. This phenomenon, usually known as oxidation, will make the original colour turn into darker hues in most cases, except teak which changes in the opposite way. In some cases, as with Doussié, this phenomenon is particularly noticeable and oxidation can vary greatly even in different areas of the same floor, which will thus show a non uniform look.
With special finishes, the different grain and colour of each board always give it a non uniform look. For this reason samples can only give an idea of how your floor would look like.
The name of the wood you have bought is not its botanic name but its commercial name which is commonly used to identify it in the international market.
In some European species, as Oak and Beech, radial cuts show, besides straight grain, also what are called medullary rays, known as flecks. Boards with this feature have to be considered finer both aesthetically and technically. It is extremely important that your wood floor is placed in comfortable environmental conditions.


The temperature should be around 20°C and the relative humidity between 55% and 65%. If the environment is a lot more humid or drier you may have several kinds of problems. Too dry climate can cause cracks on the boards; too much humidity can cause dimensional variations, expansions and contractions that can damage the hardwood top layer. Remember that a healthy living environment for human being, will be the best for your wood floor too.
Our lacquering cycles, which include up to 8 coats of lacquer, ensure longevity of your wood floor as well as a great aesthetical feeling durability. After some years the use of maintenance products
will help your wood floor to keep its original character. It is important to remark that no coats of lacquer can resist to sharpen objects like nails, etc.; moreover, a heavy weight on small objects like furniture legs, high heels etc. can dent any floor surface.
The best way to clean your wood floor is to use a humid mop, when needed, with cleaning products. Avoid an excessive use of water or other liquids. We suggest the use of Sigilrekord, if you want to seal the edge of boards. This choice depends also on the space in where your wood floor will be installed; in any case it is recommended in case of frequent