For over 25 years Tekno has been specializing in the production of prefinished two layer wood flooring , high quality.

Thanks an efficient and modern organization of production and distribution, Tekno can grant high quality standard both for product and service

The perfect balance between the tradition of the wood and new marketing and technological demands  makes Tekno a company at the top range in the wood flooring  production.

Tekno management  has always shown a deep interest in Research and development. Rekord prefinished wood flooring production is very accurate; it is extremely important to match wisely the high technology  and artisanal work That’s why Tekno has always been investing  in human resources and  new machineries .

Tekno wood flooring  machineries are the latest  you may found on the market.
According to Tekno’s policy, quality means  not only responding to a market’s request,  it does represent  the key to the success. The cycle of productions are constantly tested  under a accurate procedure; each department make tests related to its range of action. All the results, then. are recorded on paper and a software determines times and maintenance operations