Italian wood flooring: beware of imitations

Made in Italy” has always indicated quality and guaranty; though its English origin, nowadays this expression belongs to Italian language too

Under the heading of Garzanti Italian dictionary: Made in Italy means related to products of Italian production: made in Italy boom, made in Italy shoes.It is such an important argument that the law specifically has treated it (n. 166/2009 art. 16 )- Made in Italy and Italian products): Made in Italy and Italian products): the term Made in Italy refers to a product totally Italy made, whose design, production and packaging takes place exclusively in Italy.


According a KPMGmarket study, Made in Italy is the 3rd most popular worldwide brand after CocaCola and Visa (Wikipedia source). Today the brand is fundamental for the Italian export market and it is so largely widespread to be indentified as a range of specific products.

In the world of wood flooring, the ITPI, Istituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani, is it the unique national organization member of Cnel since 2004, in charge with the protection, promotion and development of Made in Italy. Its mission is to guarantee the real quality of Italian origin products, ensuring it when exporting worldwide.

100% Made in Italy Certification Key points(

  1. Guarantee
    Certified and guaranteed confirmation of the product’s value and its Italian high-quality origin;
  2. Labelling
    This feature is not present in the simple “made-in-Italy” custom definition.;
  3. Traceability
    Sequential numbering for products;
  4. Anti-fake
    Complete protection of the company’s trademark.:
  5. Scouting
    Market research and selection of foreign markets potential buyers.;
  6. Accreditation
    Producers are accredited with the main international distributors.;
  7. Incentives
    Incentives for certified producers participating in regional, national and European calls for tender .

The rules set up by ITPI, Sistema IT01 (100% Qualità Originale Italiana – Made in Italy Certificate) provides an appendix dedicated to wood flooring with all specific criteria that PromIndustria S.p.A. (the organization dealing with the whole certification process) has to strictly observe when certifying the Made in Italy brand.
In overall, many references exists to demonstrate that MADE INTALY means quality, experience and efficiency.

Wood flooring has always been considered one of the key products for making each space warm and beauty
Since ancient times, wood has been used for buildings, furniture and inner coatings; no other materials could re-create the same atmosphere
Now as then, wooden-floor plays a very important rule, enhancing each space .

Tekno Rekord parquet

At first sight, wood flooring can appear very similar one to another

Before purchasing it, it’s extremely important to pay attention to some important features, in order to choose a reliable, long lasting wood flooring :

  1. The quantity of varnish in terms of coats, to determine how it is hardwearing ;
  2. The kind of varnish, in order to avoid installing wood flooring made of toxic elements ;
  3. Noble layer thickness (3mm at least);
  4. The kind and the quality of the plywood backing (phenolic glue Birch backing can guarantee the best elasticity, hardness and humidity resistance) ;
  5. The cuts under the Birch backing are essential, because they give the natural elasticity for an easy laying.;
  6. cThe products must be EU certified, complying with quality, healthcare and environmental rules;
  7. The wood flooring company should possess the proper quality certifications.
lavorazione parquet

In overall, the best advise on buying a wooden floor is to rely on very competent professionals and experts, avoiding improvisation, and chose Italian certified products.

Compared to the import wooden floor products, Italian 100% wooden floor prefinished products ensure an extreme care for details, guaranteeing an excellent quality. Moreover, the entire Italian production supply chain adopts the traceability system in order to trace the origin and the features of the raw materials used in the production process.

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