A prefinished wood flooring is a wood floor entirely produced and finished in the factory, ready to be installed; it does not need further finishing and it is immediately ready for a great aesthetic result.

    Prefinished wood flooring is composed of two layer or three layer . Prefinished two layer wood flooring is made by gluing a top layer of noble layer to a plywood backing, bonded together under hard mechanically pressure so to become a sole element. The top layer is the wood specie visible at the top of the wood floor. It determines how precious your wood is and can be chosen among a large range of wood species


    BY Comparing a solid wood flooring to a Rekord prefinished product, it will be immediately evident how many technical, aesthetic, economic and environmentally friendly benefits, our product brings. Let’s analyze them:

    • Extremely fast installation. 1 or 2 days are needed for laying Rekord wood flooring, a great time saving compared to 15 days approximately, needed for installing and finishing a solid wood floor.
    • Low labour costs. costs of installation of a prefinished wood flooring are generally lower than the solid ones, because the times for laying are shorter
    • Extreme cleaning: No need of sanding or varnishing immediately after installing, which means no release of dust or wood chips in the air. Rekord is ready to lay
    • Free spaces in a short time: you may arrange the furniture immediately after 24 hours the installation of Rekord wood flooring .
    • 8 layers of Non Toxic lacquer: Rekord is one of the fewest prefinished wood flooring coated with 8 layers solvent free acrylic lacquer, thanks to the use of nanotechnologies, to increase the performances of the product. The transparent lacquer, matt natural effect is extremely important, because it protects the wood floor from usury; 8 coatings, then ensure a hard barrier against abrasion. Many varnished products on the market are solvent based and low quality, without any aesthetic, resistance and non-toxic warranty. On the contrary,. the lacquer used for Rekord products is non-toxic and odourless, because it is solvent free, as tested by all major European Certifications
    • Perfect surfaces: the main characteristic of Tekno products is the perfect planarity, immediately after the installation, without any sanding. This is the result of a perfect tongue –groove milling. The milling is extremely precise and makes the wood floor uniform and suitable, even  for imperfectly flat subfloors.

    Rekord wood flooring is made by precious species of different provenience; each specie has its features and can react differently to the surrounding environment. Wood is a natural organic material which always moves, also after finishing, interacting with the external conditions . In case of unhealthy environment the wood floor can be damaged, just like every organic element . To understand whether the wood floor can be installed in a space or not, it is important to remind a universal rule, which is valid for all of the species: the healthier are the conditions for the human being, the better will be for your wood floor too.

    Ideal wood flooring conditions are a temperature of 20°Celsius degree and a relative humidity level between 55% and 65%.


    Woodflooring durability depends on its care and maintenance. It is worth reminding that wood needs care and respect Rekord prefinished wood flooring is finished with 8 lacquer coatings, giving an extraordinary protection and wearing resistance . As times goes by, however, the varnish gradually wears out, specially in case of high walkability

    Some tricks like the use of carpets will preserve your wood flooring even for 20 years. The thickness of the noble layer enables the wood floor to be sanded and refinished again several times.

    How long does it last? More than 20 years.

    To sum up, thanks to lacquering coats which protect it and the possibility of re-sanding, Rekord is very long lasting product.


    It is extremely important that your wood floor is installed in comfortable

    environmental conditions. The temperature should be around 20°C

    and relative humidity between 55% and 65%. If the environment is a lot more humid or drier several problems may occur: too dry climate can cause cracks on boards; too much humidity can lead to expansions and shrinking which may damage the top layer. We remind you that a healthy living environment for human being will be the best one for your wood floor too.