Tekno srl was founded in 1987  as a  company entirely dedicated  to the  wood flooring production. After the  first experiences, the  1st warehouse was built   in Caserta in 1990, later completed in 1992. Yet in 1992, it started the production of two-ply engineered  prefinished wood flooring ,  with brand name Rekord, which was  immediately  highly appreciated in the national market. Over the years, then,  the increase of the demand and very important big contracts determined  in 1996 the purchase of the 2nd warehouse in Capua


The company grew up consequently and  in 2003 the dimensions of Capua warehouse had been doubled with large investments in new implants and machineries.
Today  Tekno and Rekord products  are largely widespread and appreciated in Italy and all over the world because of  their excellent qualities.. Our gratitude  to our employees and suppliers who daily contribute to Tekno success, making Rekord   one of the best worldwide wood flooring