How to choose wood flooring

At first sight, wood flooring can appear very similar one to another
Before purchasing it, it’s extremely important to pay attention to some important features, in order to choose a reliable, long lasting wood flooring :

1) The quantity of varnish in terms of coats, to determine how it is hardwearing.

2) he kind of varnish, in order to avoid installing wood flooring made of toxic elements .

3) Noble layer thickness (3 mm at least)

4) Birch plywood of certified European production. Birch is the best plywood: it ensures in fact elasticity, hardness and humidity resistance.


5) The cuts under the Birch plywood are essential, because they give the natural elasticity to make the wood suitable to the under cover, improving the bonding of the wood boards to it for a perfect adhesion.

6) The products must be EU certified, complying with quality, healthcare and environmental rules.

7) The wood flooring company should possess the proper quality certifications.