How is it composed?

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Rekord wood flooring :

– Is composed exclusively of Birch multilayer, which thanks its properties, ensures flexibility, stability and resistance

– 4 sides milling gives the wood floor a wonderful aesthetic result

– Easy laying and saving time, differently from the massive

– Reduced labour cost, no need of further operations like roughing and finishing



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Where to install it ?

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Rekord wood flooring is built with the finest species. It is studied for inner spaces and can be installed everywhere; it must be remarked, though, that each specie has its characteristics and react differently.

Even after finishing, Wood is a natural, lively element that goes on changing according the climatic conditions around.

The most comfortable conditions for wood floor are a temperature around 20° C and a relative humidity between 55% and 65%.

An environment more humid or drier can cause several problems such as cracks or dimensional changes, damaging the top layer in the long run

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How long will it last?

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The longevity of any wood flooring depends on care of its maintenance

Wood floor has to be respected and taken care.

Rekord is a prefinished wood flooring 8 coats varnished, which gives to the floor an extraordinary durability

The varnish, however tends to way out particularly in high traffic areas. Precautions like covers or little carpets can extend its durability

Thanks to its special protective varnishing and the possibility of resanding many times. Rekord is a very long lasting value

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