ART Selections

Rekord prestige Art is a new finishing with the following characteristics:
a UV matt varnish completely toxic free which protects the wood while maintaining its natural structure; the brush which exalts its grain and the bevel (the short space between the boards)

Thanks to the specific processing methods, the chromatic differences, the mixed grain and the multicoloured shades, the presence of cracks and large knots, each single board is unique

Rekord Prestige Art derives from the idea of restoring the ancient tradition of the wood as a flooring product, capable of enhancing each space with its beauty and naturalness, creating a heat & cosy atmosphere and breathing into it a new life of perfect and charming elegance.

Just like the ancient time, when wood flooring was handmade, still present in some buildings, today, yet again, the boards with evident discolouration, cracks and knots are artisanal worked and, some of them, treated with special fillers.